2D steady state heat transfer
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Efficient method to calculate thermal transmittances via bitmaps

BISCO version 11.0w (see Upgrade info)

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  • Conversion of DXF file to 256 colours BMP file, via input of colour for each DXF layer and input of bitmap resolution
  • 256 colours BMP file contains geometric description required by BISCO
  • Colours in BMP file are indices to materials and boundary conditions
Thermal properties
  • Linked to bitmap via colours
  • Materials: thermal conductivity, surface emissivity.
    Automatic calculation of equivalent thermal conductivity for air cavities.
  • Optimisation of air cavities by detecting grooves and interconnections
  • Surface boundary conditions: ambient temperature, heat transfer coefficient, heat flux.
    Improved simulation of radiation and convection by use of RADCON module.
  • Detection of surfaces with increased surface resistance (in edges or junctions between two surfaces)
  • Line boundary conditions (fixed temperature or flux) in borderlines between two colours

  • Colours with predefined thermal properties when starting from template file
  • Load thermal properties from material database
  • Triangular mesh generation based on mesh size per colour
  • Calculation of linear thermal transmittance, and thermal transmittance of a window frame

  • Isotherms, heat flux magnitudes, heat flow lines
  • Minimum and maximum temperature, incoming and leaving heat flows per colour
  • Balanced air temperature for enclosed air cavities
  • Thermal transmittances and thermal bridge performances
  • Automatic report generation
  • Thermal bridge analysis: heat loss calculation, surface condensation (ISO/FDIS 10211, ISO 13788)
  • Thermal transmittances of building components and elements (EN ISO 6946)
  • Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters (EN ISO 10077-2)
  • Heat transfer via the ground (ISO 13370)
  • Dynamic version: BISTRA
  • TRISCO can read BISCO data (creates extruded profile, based on bitmap)
  • SOLIDO can read BISCO data (creates STL files per colour for extruded profile, based on triangulation mesh)
  Demo program
  • Download Physibel demo programs and manuals (14 Mb)
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