Detailed simulation of transient thermal effects 3D building elements

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VOLTRA Features


  • Transient thermal simulation of 3D rectangular shapes
  • Geometrical input is same as in TRISCO
  • Temperature dependent material properties
  • Detailed solar processor
  • Graphic animations (AVI files) of time varying temperatures
  • Software operational in English, French, German and Dutch
VOLTRA Applications


  • Transient analysis of thermal bridges
  • Dynamic thermal analysis of floor heating
  • Analysis of building elements exposed to fire (Eurocodes)
  • Floor heating (EN ISO 11855-2)
  • Ground heat losses (EN ISO 13370)
  • Heat exchange problems (mass flows)
  • Advanced façade engineering
  • Passive solar building design
  • Calculation of solar heat gains


VOLTRA Input and geometric modelling

Input and geometric modelling

  • Same as in TRISCO
  • Additional input of material densities, specific heat values, solar reflection factors, solar transmission factors
  • Thermal conductivities and specific heat values may be temperature dependent (e.g. useful in fire simulations)
  • Solar reflection factor may be function of angle of incidence



RADCON feature for VOLTRA

  • Detailed simulation of radiation based on view factors
  • Extreme fast and stable calculation of non-linear radiation problems
  • Convection based on (calculated) convective heat transfer coefficient
  • Transparent materials for small cavities: conduction + radiation
  • Validated according to EN ISO 10077-2:2017 (radiosity method)


VOLTRA Dynamic boundary conditions

Dynamic boundary conditions

  • Boundary conditions are time dependent functions: constant, steps, periodic, climate values, fire curve, ...
  • Solar zone with 3D solar processor (any geographical location, based on climate files with global and diffuse solar radiation)
  • Ventilation flow functions
  • Improved simulation of radiation and convection by use of RADCON module




  • Graphic animations (AVI files) of 3D views or 2D cross sections of time varying shadows, absorbed solar radiation, temperatures, heat fluxes
  • Snapshots at any time step
  • Tables and graphs of time varying solar fluxes, temperatures in given nodes, heat flows through given faces


VOLTRA Compatibility with other Physibel tools

Compatibility with other Physibel tools

  • VOLTRA can read TRISCO data
  • Same function definitions as in CAPSOL


VOLTRA Licence options

Licence options

  • VOLTRA is available with subscription licences (stand-alone or floating)
  • A subscription licence gives you access to the latest version of VOLTRA, technical support and Physibel Knowledge Base.
  • More information on the difference licence options can be found here

what's new in version 8?

  • Functions compatible with TRISCO v14.0w
  • The infrared emissivity of a material surface and the solar transmission factor of a material can be a function of time
  • Software licence options (stand-alone/network floating/cloud-based floating)
Version history


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