About Physibel

Physibel history

Physibel was founded in 1989 in Belgium by Prof. Dr. Piet Standaert, PhD in building physics and Dr. Piet Houthuys, PhD in computational geometry. The core knowhow on 2D and 3D heat transfer was developed during research at the University of Leuven, Belgium during the preceding years.

The name and logo of Physibel refer to physics (greek letter Phi), visualisation (eye, visible) and Belgium.

Physibel about

The focus of Physibel lies firmly on continuous development of its software products. Through cooperation with the academic world and close contacts with our industry clients, the calculation algorithms and user friendliness are constantly being improved and new software tools are being developed.

After more than 30 years in the frontline of simulation of heat transfer in construction elements, Physibel is trusted by over 1000 clients in over 40 countries.