Licence options

The Physical software is available via subscription licences. We have stand-alone and floating licence options. Discover below which licence option best suits your needs.

Stand-alone licence

locked to workstation

  • Single user
  • Stand-alone licence:
    • - Licence locked to workstation
    • - Maximum 5 computer transfers per year
    • - Easy to deploy (via activation code)
  • Always latest software version
  • Access to technical support via the Physibel portal
  • Access to the Physibel Knowledge Base
  • Multiple licence discount

Floating licence

shared within your team

  • Multiple users
  • Cloud-based floating (professional):
    • - For small and mid-sized teams, up to 10 users
    • - Easy to deploy (requires only an internet connection)
  • Network floating (enterprise):
    • - For larger organisations, as of 10 users
    • - Requires central licence management 
  • Always latest software version
  • Access to technical support via the Physibel portal
  • Access to the Physibel Knowledge Base
  • Multiple seat discount

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my software to the latest version?

The latest version is accessible at all times from the software licence manager within your Physibel application and includes all version updates (major, minor and enhancements). You have immediate access to the latest version when it is released. You can also download the latest installation files from your Physibel portal.    

What is a stand-alone licence?

A stand-alone licence is meant for single use, not for shared use (though it can be transferred from one user to another).  A stand-alone licence is activated on a workstation with a software licence key (activation code). The licence is locked to a workstation, but can be transferred to another workstation maximally 5 times per year.

What is a network floating licence? And what about a cloud-based floating licence?

There are 2 options to share a licence within your team: cloud-based floating and network floating:

  • With a network floating licence the software is operational in concurrent use within a local network (e.g. company server or Windows Network Share). Network floating licences are a bit more complex to implement, require the deployment of a floating licence database at the customer site, but a network floating licence includes a licence management tool where the active floating seats can be viewed and released.
  • With a cloud-based floating licence the software is operational in concurrent use via internet (licence server hosted by Physibel in the cloud). Cloud-based floating licenses are simple to implement but an internet connection is always required.

What is included in “technical support”?

Our support includes both technical support on the application level and modelling advice. On the application level, we assist in case you experience problems running the software or accessing your licence. Modelling advice covers short guidance on software functionalities. For this we typically guide you to the right Knowledge Base topic where you find documented example projects.   

Can I switch my previously bought stand-alone hardware key (USB) to a software licence?

Yes, older perpetual licences with stand-alone hardware key can be switched to a subscription software licence at a reduced price until 06/2024. You can contact us on to receive an offer for your licence keys.

I have a previously bought stand-alone hardware key. Can I continue to renew AMP in the future?

Physibel stopped the distribution of licence hardware keys from 01/07/2023. As a consequence the renewal of Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) will be phased out. You can still renew your AMP until 31 December 2023. From 1 January onwards, you will have to switch to a subscription if you want to continue receiving support and updates. Contact us for an offer via

Is the Physibel software free for academic users?

Yes, Physibel makes its software available free of charge for academic users. Free academic licences can only be used for didactic and non-profit research purposes and not for any consultancy business. You can contact us to obtain a free academic licence: request an academic licence.

How can I get a free student licence for my master thesis?

Master students working on their master thesis can use any of the Physibel software for free during the academic year. You can contact us to obtain a free student licence: request student licence.