Licence options

The Physical software is available either via subscription licences or via perpetual licences. Discover below which licence option best suits your needs.

Subscription licence

highest flexibility - always latest version

  • Periodical fee (yearly or 3-yearly subscription)
  • Available with following software licence key types:
    • - Stand-alone (locked to computer)
    • - Network floating (shared over company network)
    • - Cloud-based floating  (shared over internet)
  • A subscription licence grants access to:
    • - Major, minor and enhancement version updates
    • - Technical support & Knowledge Base
    • - Discount on company trainings

Perpetual licence

life time ownership

  • One-off single payment and (optional) periodical fee for maintenance
  • Available with stand-alone hardware key (USB)
  • First year Maintenance Plan is always included and free of charge, thereafter maintenance is optional
  • An Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) grants access to:
    • - Major version updates
    • - Technical support & Knowledge Base
    • - Discount on company trainings 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider a subscription licence?

A subscription has the lowest initial cost and offers the highest flexibility. With a subscription licence you pay a periodical fee to use the software and have access to all software updates, technical support and the online Physibel Knowledge Base for a 1-year or 3-year period.

Subscription licences can be shared within a network (network floating) or via internet (cloud-based floating), depending on the selected purchase option.

Active subscription licences entitle you to discounts for the purchase of additional licences or licence extensions and to software trainings.

What do you mean by “perpetual” licences?

A perpetual licence allows you to use the software indefinitely without a periodical fee. A perpetual licence is locked to a stand-alone hardware key (USB). The delivered installation files can be installed on multiple computers and the software is operational on the computer to which the hardware key is connected.

The purchase of a perpetual licence always includes the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) for the first year, free of charge. Thereafter maintenance is optional.

Why should I consider paying for an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) for a perpetual licence?

With an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) you keep your software on the latest major version and have full access to technical support and to the online Physibel Knowledge Base.

In addition perpetual licences with a running AMP entitle you to discounts for the purchase of additional licences, licence extensions and software training.

What is included in “technical support”?

Our support includes both technical support on the application level and modelling advice. On the application level, we assist in case you experience problems running the software or accessing your licence. Modelling advice covers short guidance on software functionalities. For this we typically guide you to the right Knowledge Base topic where you find documented example projects.   

How do I update my software to the latest version?

With a subscription licence the latest version is accessible at all times from the software licence manager within your Physibel application and includes all version updates (major, minor and enhancements). You have immediate access to the latest version when it is released.

With a perpetual licence with a running Annual Maintenance Plan you are entitled to all major version updates. When a major version update is released, you will be informed by mail and installation files for the new version will be sent on demand.

What happens if I don’t renew my Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP)?

If for any reason you don’t renew your Annual Maintenance Plan, your software will continue to run, but you will not have access to technical support or software updates anymore. You can re-activate the Annual Maintenance Plan at any moment in the future, however the back-maintenance then has to be paid.

What if I lose my stand-alone hardware key (USB) for my perpetual licence?

A perpetual licence is locked to the hardware key (USB). A stand-alone hardware key works off-line and cannot be switched off remotely. If a hardware key is lost, it cannot be replaced; consequently a new licence may need to be purchased. For this reason we recommend to consider an insurance for the key against loss or theft.

Can I switch my stand-alone hardware key (USB) to a software licence?

Yes, older perpetual licences with stand-alone hardware key can be switched to a subscription software licence at a reduced price. You can contact us to receive an offer for your licence keys.

What is a stand-alone licence?

A stand-alone licence is meant for single use, not for shared use (though it can be transferred from one user to another). A stand-alone licence can either be perpetual and locked to a hardware key (USB) or subscription and locked to a computer (software licence key).

  • In the case of a hardware licence key (perpetual), the licence is easily transferrable by physically moving the key to another work station. The software can be installed on multiple computers and is operational locally on the computer to which the key is connected.
  • In the case of a software licence key (subscription), the licence is locked to a computer can be transferred to another work station maximally 5 times per year.

What is a network floating licence? And what about a cloud-based floating licence?

Subscription (software) licences have the option to be shared within a network or via internet.

  • With a network floating licence the software is operational in concurrent use within a local network (e.g. company server or Windows Network Share). Network floating licences are a bit more complex to implement, require the deployment of a floating licence database at the customer site, but a network floating licence includes a licence management tool where the active floating seats can be viewed and released.
  • With a cloud-based floating licence the software is operational in concurrent use via internet (licence server hosted by Physibel in the cloud). Cloud-based floating licenses are simple to implement but an internet connection is always required.

Is the Physibel software free for academic users?

Yes, Physibel makes its software available free of charge for academic users. Free academic licences can only be used for didactic and non-profit research purposes and not for any consultancy business. You can contact us to obtain a free academic licence: request an academic licence.

How can I get a free student licence for my master thesis?

Master students working on their master thesis can use any of the Physibel software for free during the academic year. You can contact us to obtain a free student licence: request student licence.