The fastest most complete digital instrument for thermal analysis of building components.

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TRISCO Features


  • steady-state thermal simulation of 2D & 3D orthogonal building components
  • High work-efficiency due to efficient geometric modelling functions
  • Minimal simulation time due to optimized finite element solver
  • Optimised for automated use according to EN ISO 6946 and EN ISO 10211
  • Superior graphic representation of isotherms and isofluxes
  • Software operational in English, French, German and Dutch
TRISCO Application fields

Application fields

  • Thermal bridge analysis: heat loss calculation, surface condensation (EN ISO 10211)
  • Thermal transmittances of building components and elements (EN ISO 6946)
  • Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters (EN ISO 10077-2)
  • Heat transfer via the ground (ISO 13370)
  • Heat transfer in masonry and masonry products (EN ISO 1745)



TRISCO Input and geometric modelling

Input and geometric modelling

  • Object modelled with rectangular blocks
  • By superposition in space a minimum number of blocks is required
  • Object parts can be copied, transformed, repeated
  • Input possible of 2D AutoCAD drawing via DXF file
  • Importing of separate TRISCO models for specific components possible
  • Compatible model input from SOLIDO and BISCO


TRISCO Thermal properties and boundary conditions

Thermal properties and boundary conditions

  • Material properties (thermal conductivity, surface emissivity) are linked to colours
  • Automatic calculation of equivalent thermal conductivity for air cavities modelled as materials
  • Surface boundary conditions (to environment or between materials)
  • Volume boundary conditions (material with fixed temperature or heat power density)
  • Point boundary conditions (fixed temperature or power)



RADCON module for TRISCO

  • Detailed simulation of radiation based on view factors
  • Extreme fast and stable calculation of non-linear radiation problems
  • Convection based on (calculated) convective heat transfer coefficient
  • Transparent materials for small cavities: conduction + radiation
  • Validated according to EN ISO 10077-2:2017 (radiosity method)


TRISCO Meshing and calculation solver

Meshing and calculation solver

  • Rectangular grid of system nodes through object block surfaces
  • Grid refinement functions
  • Extremely fast and stable solution through iteration
  • Unlimited number of nodes proportional to installed memory
  • Non-linear problems solved through iteration cycles




  • Superior graphic representation of isotherms and isofluxes
  • Text output of temperatures and heat flows
  • Investigation of surface condensation
  • Calculation of thermal transmittances and thermal bridge properties


TRISCO Interaction with Physibel products

Interaction with Physibel products

  • 2D variant: Trisco2D
  • Import of 2D bitmap and BISCO data
  • Dynamic version: VOLTRA
  • Non-rectangular forms: SOLIDO
  • TRISCO models can be loaded into SOLIDO and vice versa


what's new in version 14.0w?

  • Image view functions: show materials as transparent blocks (Image > Show Transparent); show 3D surface of a single temperature value of the solution through the object represented with transparent blocks (Image > Show Single Temperature).
  • Graphic output of single isothermal lines on object surfaces.
  • Faster graphic image processing in Image window.
  • Import of BSC or BMP file (File > Import Data): position bitmap in XY, XZ or YZ.
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