Simplified version of TRISCO to quickly draw, analyse and report 2D thermal bridges.

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  • steady-state thermal simulation of 2D orthogonal building components
  • High work-efficiency due to efficient geometric modelling functions
  • Direct input possible of 2D AutoCAD drawing via DXF file
  • Minimal simulation time due to optimized finite element solver
  • Optimised for automated use according to EN ISO 6946 and EN ISO 10211
  • Superior graphic representation of isotherms and isofluxes
  • Software operational in English, French and Dutch
Trisco2D Application fields

Application fields

  • Thermal bridge analysis: heat loss calculation, surface condensation (EN ISO 10211)
  • Thermal transmittances of building components and elements (EN ISO 6946)
  • Heat transfer via the ground (ISO 13370)



Trisco2D Input and geometric modelling

Input and geometric modelling

  • Object modelled with rectangular blocks
  • Intuitive drawing, fill and stretch functions to quickly adjust building details
  • Input possible of 2D AutoCAD drawing via DXF file (automatic recognition of grid lines)
  • Compatible model input from TRISCO, SOLIDO and BISCO


Trisco2D Thermal properties and boundary conditions

Thermal properties and boundary conditions

  • Material properties (thermal conductivity) are linked to colours
  • Automatic calculation of equivalent thermal conductivity for air cavities modelled as materials
  • Surface boundary conditions to environment


Trisco2D Meshing and calculation solver

Meshing and calculation solver

  • Rectangular grid of system nodes through object block surfaces
  • Grid refinement functions
  • Extremely fast and stable solution through iteration (calculation time <1s)
  • Unlimited number of nodes proportional to installed memory


Trisco2D Output


  • Superior graphic representation of isotherms and isofluxes
  • Direct output of derived thermal properties (psi-value and U2D)
  • Investigation of surface condensation
  • Calculation of thermal transmittances and thermal bridge properties


Trisco2D Interaction with Physibel products

Interaction with Physibel products

  • 3D variant: TRISCO
  • Dynamic version in 3D: VOLTRA
  • Non-rectangular forms in 3D: SOLIDO
Trisco2D Licence options

Licence options

  • Trisco2D is available with subscription licences (stand-alone or floating)
  • A subscription licence gives you access to the latest version of Trisco2D, technical support and Physibel Knowledge Base.
  • More information on the difference licence options can be found here

what's new in version 2?

  • Update of Colours window for compatibility with TRISCO v15: introduction of columns 'standard' and 'cavity emissivities'.
  • Alternative thermal palette possible (Settings -> Thermal Palette).
  • Improved navigation of tables in windows.
  • Cloud-based licences have the option to release the licence or not.
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