Trisco2D - Previous versions

Previous versions


Trisco2D v2.1.01

  • Retile windows every time the main application window size changes.
  • Increased drawing speed in Graphic Output (new line draw algorithm).
  • Default location of a new file is now [PersonalFolder].
  • Replace Help > How To's with link to website's Knowledge Base (which contains more information).
  • Resolution of imported DXF files refined by factor 10.
  • Column and row header of active cell highlighted with changed background color instead of bold font.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Tooltip uses correct font in table headers.
    • Allow double clicking to edit when the cell is too small to show all contents.
    • EQUIMAT NIHIL used automatically calculated lambda-value.
    • Default settings read correctly after first install.
    • Use system font in Load Material dialog box.
    • Avoid accidental very small zoom windows on left mouse click.

Trisco2D v2.1

  • Image window:
    • Pan by holding the mouse wheel.
    • Zoom factor as a user defined setting.
    • When in total zoom, image is redrawn to be shown completely after editing Grid window.
    • Zoom out with right mouse click when zoom in is activated.
  • Non-consecutive blocks can be copied and moved.
  • Graphic output:
    • Revised legend with indication of material names and clustered cavities per EN ISO standard.
  • Text output:
    • Layer info of automatically calculated U-values of flanking elements displayed.
    • Derived thermal properties moved to top.
  • Improved navigation of tables in windows:
    • Mousewheel scroll.
    • Tab and arrow keys to move to adjacent table cells.
    • Row select (in Blocks window) by clicking (left mouse button) the row number (holding the <Shift> and <Ctrl> keys, a selection range can be defined).
    • Cell select (Grid window) by clicking (left mouse button) the cell while holding the <Ctrl> key (holding the <Shift> key, a selection range can be defined).
    • Column select (Grid window) by clicking (left mouse button) the column header.
  • Bugfixes:
    • New document was made in non-existent location resulting in an error when trying to save.
    • Avoid losing thermal solution after updating U-values and Areas window.

Trisco2D v2.0.03

  • Bugfixes:
    • Problem in v2.0.02 with Split and Autosplit resolved

Trisco2D v2.0.02

  • Bugfixes:
    • Distances and U-values windows update automatically when inserting or moving grid lines
    • Automatically switch Tmin and Tmax in Temperature Range dialog box if Tmin > Tmax

Trisco2D v2.0.01

  • Bugfix: prevent crash when editing materials in colour database
  • All materials are displayed when opening colour database
  • Cloud-based licences automatically activated when opening application

Trisco2D v2.0

  • Update of Colours window for compatibility with TRISCO v15: introduction of columns 'standard' and 'cavity emissivities'
  • Alternative thermal palette possible (Settings -> Thermal Palette)
  • Unlimited Nodes and Academic version as a feature
  • Off line activation of software licences possible
  • Cloud-based licences have the option to release the licence or not
  • Button for 'Optimise blocks' in Image window


Trisco2D v1.1

  • Check for updates in Software Licence Manager
  • Floating licences
  • Temperature factor in graphic output legend
  • Bugfix: DXF drawing positioning
  • No grid lines shown in graphic output in boundary conditions
  • Various small bugfixes

Trisco2D v1.0

  • Tutorials and How To's available for easy learning.
  • Improved colour database handling and accessibility from Trisco2D (File > Open Colour Database...)
  • Import DXF drawing as underlayer for easy model design.
  • Automatic optimised grid splitting when launching the calculation.
  • Intuitive drawing, fill and stretch functions to quickly adjust building details.
  • Derived thermal properties (temperature factor, U-value, Psi-value) in graphic output.