Previous versions

Version 5.0w

  • New CAPSOL data files.
    Wall type editor and wall type files (*.cwt) remain unchanged.
    Function file editor and function files (*.fte, *.fsg, *.fsd, *.fir, *.ffh, *.fvr) remain unchanged.

  • Geometric input in 3D of walls (represented by flat faces).

  • Paint wall types to walls.  Paint zones to wall sides.

  • Automatic calculation of wall areas, zone volumes and wall surface view factors.

  • New definition of controls, based on conditions (which may be composite).

  • Interactive calculation step by step is possible.
    All time step solutions are kept in memory, which enables to scroll to previous time steps.

  • Save and read calculation time step solutions.

  • Solar processor calculates detailed solar loads (from direct and diffuse solar radiation) based on 3D geometry (sky obstructions, shading elements, distribution of diffuse radiation).

  • View time step output painted on walls in 3D geometry: solar irradiation, absorbed solar radiation, wall surface temperatures, zone temperatures, operative temperatures, conduction, convection, radiation heat fluxes and powers, ventilation powers, conductive, convective, radiative, ventilation and absorbed solar energy.

  • Charts of temperatures, fluxes and powers